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DanuBlue with Facebook Login

DanuBlue screenshot vocabulary list

The new language learning platform DanuBlue now has a login with Facebook. If you have a Facebook account you can start right now learning vocabularies.

DanuBlue is a web-based learning platform that I founded. It is now open to the public who have a Facebook account. Login via email and password can be provided by contacting me.

It is now possible to enter your vocabularies in a big variety of human languages. For example, you could enter your vocabularies in English and French or in German and Malayalam.

Technically, the vocabularies are saved in a database on the server. The application works in any modern browser (like Chrome or Firefox), also on mobile browsers.

All vocabularies can be ordered into categories. A category could be a set like for example supermarket. The vocabularies under supermarket would then be words like cashier, products, meat, and so on. If you are learning with a book you could also group your vocabularies by lesson.

On browsers that support synthetic speech, there is an enabled Speak button. Pressing that button will read the vocabularies to you, first for example the English version of the word, then the French version. When the Speak button is disabled, the chosen languages are not supported by the browser.

When pressing the button Learn you will see each single word in big and on full-screen mode. Thereby, you can better learn the words. With Turn you can change the language of the word. Run automatically displays each word and speaks it. This is a good way to both see and hear the vocabulary.

Next Steps

The next step ahead for the DanuBlue vocabulary trainer is the possibility to assign an image to a vocabulary. Also, there will be a possibility to share vocabulary categories with other users of DanuBlue.

If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to ping me on Twitter @tderflinger or on Skype tderflinger.


Published 13 May 2019

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