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A lot of great software is free and open source. It is important to also contribute.

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Featured projects from my GitHub repository:


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Audio recorder component for Vue.js 3. It enables to record, play and send audio messages to a server.

Related to that is audio-tapir-function, a backend serverless function for sending audio data in an email as attachment.


MMM-Hanzi is a Magic Mirror² module helping with learning Chinese Mandarin. It rotates between Chinese characters (hanzi), their pronunciation (in pinyin) and the translation in English.


A pure C implementation of a blink program for the Arduino Uno.

Blog Stack

This website is made with the great Gatsby static site generator written in JavaScript. Gatsby is programmed in React. The CSS library I use is Tailwind and legacy parts are written in the styled components library Emotion. My contact forms are written in the solid React UI library MUI.

For the burger menu in the mobile version I use react-burger-menu. Furthermore, I use the React hook library @react-hook/media-query. Prismjs formats and highlights the source code I include in many of my articles.

I program the components using the great UI design tool Storybook. My favorite linter is ESLint that I also use for this site. The Husky application makes Git hooks easy, I leverage it for my pre-commit process. My end-to-end tests are written using the fantastic Cypress testing framework.

All of these software libraries and applications are open source and free to use. Without the contribution of many developers this blog would not be possible.

A big thank you to all!


Most of my articles on this website have an open source Creative Commons International (CC-BY) license.

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Some of my video productions can be downloaded as Adobe Premiere Pro source files:

8 Reasons to Use Nuxt: