Modern city

On this page I have listed the projects I am working on. Further down you will find an extensive list of ideas.

If you are interested in one of the following projects, I would be happy to read your message.


Ríoverse is a language learning platform. The first piece is a vocabulary trainer that supports all languages.

It can be accessed at

If you are interested you can create an account and start learning vocabularies. It is free. For feedback I am always happy to receive your message.


Phi.City is a city guide of Munich, Germany in English. It features articles about amazing places and things to do in Munich.


Audio Tapir

Audio recorder component for Vue.js 3. It enables to record, play and send audio messages to a server. It is open source software.



These are some of the ideas for new projects that I have. If you are interested in collaborating on an idea, I welcome your message.


Automated Café

The idea is the automate a café as much as possible. With today's self-serving coffee machines and electronic payment, staff in an café is not anymore necessary (except for cleaning personnel). The work would be to design optimal self-serving machines and create an ambient that is appealing to the target customer.

Autonomous Boat

Autonomous boats that roam the oceans are possible (see first autonomous ship). The idea that I have is to produce a cost-effective autonomous boat with off-the-shelf technology that can navigate the high seas.

Pasta Cooking Robot

Pasta cooking machine that automatically cooks a ready-to-eat pasta meal.

Tea Bringing Robot

This home robot should make and bring tea to any room in an apartment.

Underground Farming

Automate and make underground farming technically and financially feasible.


Electronic Virus Detection

A cheap and easy way to detect viruses (like the Corona virus) using an electronic chip. Should be as affordable as possible.

Blood Analyzer

Small and cheap blood analyzer for home use.

Produce Medication at Home

Device that can reliably produce a range of medication at home.

Medication Reminder

Web-based medication reminder with a variety of ways to notify the patient to take medication. Open source.

Blood Analysis Advisor

Medical human blood analysis values are first fed into the system. Then the software application can give advice on blood analysis values.


Architecture Buildings Database

Database of open information on buildings. Useful for architects and anybody interested in architecture.

City Visualization

Analyze and visualize the morphology of cities to help in understanding them better.

Open Source City Modeling

Make city modeling affordable for everybody. Like ESRI CityEngine but open source.

Open Source Architecture CAD Program

Open source CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for architects that runs in the browser using web technologies. Also has collaborative features and an extension mechanism.

Blogging for Architects

Open source and easy blogging platform adapted to the needs of architects.

Software Development

API Creator Low Code

Help backend developers with creating microservice APIs using a low-code approach. Open source.

NPM Package Update

Service that informs JavaScript developer when an NPM package has been updated. Open source and ability to specify different notification possibilities.

There already exists an open source project that does just that:


Mars Earth Simulation Website

Educational website and simulation of Mars - Earth constellation.

Open Moon Website / Wiki

Open source information portal and open source software relating to our neighbor the moon.


Tourism POI Database

Open source database of tourism POIs (Places of Interest) with API.

POI Audio

Application on mobile phone that tells me about any POIs (Places of Interest) I am right now with my phone. A voice tells me interesting things to see and do near the place where I am now.

Open Data

Database of Classical Music Events

Open source database of classical music events around the world with an API. Possible inclusion of watching events on a recorded or live stream.

Wikipedia Article to Video

Software that automatically converts any Wikipedia article into a video.

World Deserts

Educational website of the world's deserts with interactive map and explanations.

Poetry Database

Database with API of poetry in all languages. Open source.

Programming Languages

Database of programming languages, their history, etc. Open source. There already exists a project on GitHub: Pldb is a good basis to build upon and extend.


Cheap and Small Electron Microscope

Traditionally, electron microscopes are very expensive (for a private or hobbyist consumer) and are big machines. The idea is to make an electron microscope that is both small and affordable for the private enthusiast and professionals in developing countries.

Electronic Nose

Sensor that can smell with a resolution of the human nose or even better.

Electronic Backpack

A backpack that includes a number of useful electronics like batteries for charging electronic devices, audio playing and recording, and so on.

Tree Sensor

Electronic sensor that can collect biological signals from plants, especially trees.

Calendar Computer

Embedded computer with screen for displaying calendar. Open source.


Simulate History in 3D

Experience different times and places in history with immersive XR (VR/AR) simulated worlds.

Art Gallery

Museum and art gallery in XR.


Simulate Economy

Open source simulator for the economy of a country or city. Should help in education and help in understanding the economy better.


Rowing Machine

Open source rowing machine for sports rowing indoor.